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Vintage Nights


Vintage Nights with Cotton Club
A Musical Journey of Memorable Tunes


Cotton Club is a musical duo made up of a pianist originally from Spain and a female Vocalist from North Wales,who have been performing together for a few years in venues in the North East/North Wales.

Their repertoire includes tunes by musical greats such as Glen Miller, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Cole Porter, Scott Joplin which is ideally suited for the 30 upwards age group.

Their music can create that particular ambiance you are looking for, be it: dinner dance, background music, vintage nights or themed events. To help create the desired mood, their dress code can be adapted to suit that particular event (black tie, smart casual or vintage).

Our rates are accessible to all budgets, so please feel free to contact us to discuss booking Cotton Club for your next nostalgic event.


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